My Softwares

Wallpaper Changer- Download

Changes the desktop wallpaper after a given interval of time.

image of wallpaper changer


Age In Days - Download

Age In Days calculates the number of days between two given dates. It can calculate the days you have lived up today


Calculator 3 - Download

It's just a calculator with some scientific functions


Calendar- Download

It's a calendar which you can even put it in your desktop.


Chemistry Quiz - Download

This program designed for my devolopment in Chemistry. I have added three forms, one valency, one for atomicity and the other for symbols of some popular elements. You are provided textboxes in which you have typpe your answer. After finishing answering, you have to just click on the 'results' button, the result will be shown.

Color Mixer - Download

I did this for fun. It just mixes color. You can set the ratio of three basic colors -red, green, blue- and my Color Mixer will mix it for you.

color mixer


Did You Know - Download

Did You Know, It's full of descriptions.Contains details about almost all scientists and descriptions about things and materials. I got the descriptions from another software.


Explorer 6 - Download

An alternative windows explorer with quick links to mostly used tools in Windows. Contains little tweaks such as IE trancparent view.



Memory Monitor - Download

Monitors the physical and virtual memory usage of the system. It has a simple mini mode for saving desktop space usage.

memory monitor


Maths Wonder - Download

What you have got to do is, * think a number, * add both the digits, * substract the answer from your original number, * find the color for the answer you got after substraction, * Click the 'OK' buuton, My Maths Wonder will tell you the color of the number you thought. Can you beleive??!! I did not have this idea, click on IDEA BY to know who


Media Player 7 (small) - Download

A media player capable of playing most common music files - video or audio.

image of mplayer 6


Media Player 6(large) - Download

This can play avi, mpeg, mp3 and wav files very efficiently. And is able to change the rate of the song or we can say playing rate, it might make a sad song to rap song, try it. My media plyer is able to filter the media files can browse to any place in your computer with my built in browser.


Motherboard Quiz - Download

A quiz program in which you must fill the textboxes with CAPITAL English alphabets representing the components on the motherboard picture. Then click 'Results' .


Multiplication Table - Download

You have to type the base value and the end value in the text boxes, My multiplication table will display multiplication table for you.


Picture Viewer 2 - Download

Views pictures


Quiz - Download

A quiz program, having four sections. Computer Quiz has abbreviations and you have type what the abbreviation stands for. Heart, Digestive system and respiratory quiz sections have pictures unlabeled. you drag and drop the labels in the correct positions.

Sri Lanka Identity Card Reader - Download

This ID reader is capable of reading the National Identity Card of Sri Lanka and is able to whether you gender and is able to tell your year of birth. Iam still working on this software to find the whole date of your birth. Please wait, But softwares like this are found in use.


Tamil Keyboard - Download

Using this program you can type Tamil easily without having to find for letters on the keyboard. This I am telling on for those who are not familiar in typing Tamil, Typists can type faster than using my on-screen keyboard. Don't miss undrerstand that my sprogram will type to they place where you cursor active but it will type in the box and you will have copy it and paste it where you want. This uses the font Alankaram which is a standard. But other fonts it may result in other letters.


Text Editor - Download

This program as the Notepad in Windows XP, but it has only less functions. But you can make or open HTML, text or word documents with My Text Editor.


Timer 3 - Download

My Timer, if you place in the startup folder, starts when you are switching your computer on, will show the time duration you have used the computer. You can even use it as timer.


Unit Converter 2 - Download

My Unit converter can convert units of standard unit other units or vice versa. It can convert temperature, Area, Lengt, Speed, Volume, Force, Density, Power, Energy, Pressure.


Web Browser - Download

It's just as Internet Explorer but has less features, it seems little faster than IE.


Icon Extractor - Download

Extracts embedded icons from dll files and saves as bmp files for later use.

image of icon extractor


Flash Player - Download

Plays swf files saved locally

flash player image


My Self

Name: Siva Dhayalan
Blog: dsiva1.blogspot.com